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In this paper, several necessary and sufficient conditions for the invertibility of a tensor are obtained, and some approaches for calculating the inverse (if it exists) are proposed. Furthermore,.. quite general and flexible making moment tensor inversions a very important tool in seismic source characterization. Moment tensors have the potential to substitute other, more traditional, source parameter estimations, such as e.g. magnitude or focal solutions from first motion polarities Under an affine transformation of the coordinates, a tensor transforms by the linear part of the transformation itself (or its inverse) on each index. These come from the rational representations of the general linear group Die Inverse ist nur definiert, wenn | | = = Zusammenhang mit dem adjungierten Tensor ()

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There are benefits from the addition of rotational motions to translational displacements for moment tensor (MT) inversions. The rotational radiation pattern is orthogonal to the shear radiation pattern, thus incorporating rotations is equivalent to gaining another observation point on the focal sphere. We demonstrated this by simulating curl and displacement wavefields for a regional distance station. Thus, one 6‐C station (3‐Component translational + 3‐Component rotational. PCA Moment Tensor Inversion In the approach of Vasco (1989, 1990), the waveforms are first inverted using the generalized linear inversion for six MT rate functions. If the point-source approximation with a time- independentfocalmechanismisassumed,theMTratefunctions should be identical functions of time, except for scaling (2019) Tensor inversion and its application to the tensor equations with Einstein product. Linear and Multilinear Algebra 67:4, 843-870. (2019) Further results on Moore-Penrose inverses of tensors with application to tensor nearness problems. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 77:5, 1282-1293. (2019) Alternating projection method for a class of tensor equations. Journal of. The inversion is represented in compact form by a convolutional neural network which yields seismic moment tensor. In other words, a neural-network algorithm is trained to encapsulate the information about the relationship between observations and underlying point-source models

The stress inversion is run by a script called StressInverse.m in the Programs_MATLAB directory or StressInverse.py in the Programs_PYTHON directory Polare und axiale Tensoren unterscheiden sich hinsichtlich ihres Transformationsverhaltens, wenn mit der Transformation P* eine Inversion P*=(-1)P verknüpft ist. Dann nimmt die Determinante von P* den Wert -1 an: |P*|=|Q*|=-1. Die Komponenten polarer Vektoren ändern ihr Vorzeichen unter einer solchen Transformation, da jede Vektorkomponente mit -1 multipliziert wird. Der die physikalische. Besides an accurate localization of fracturing an inversion on the moment tensor is performed. The moment tensor contains all information about the stress release during a rupture process, like the total energy and the orientation of rupture planes. Several methods for an inversion on this tensor are in use by seismologists today. After a suitable decomposition of the moment tensor, the type of the rupture process can be quantified and visualized using ostensive crack models, like those for.

About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. tensor inversion, which can provide the magnitudes, modes and orientations of fractures. An overview of the methodology is presented including problems and limitations. Introduction Microseismic monitoring is extremely valuable for tracking the performance of hydraulic fracturing treatments within reservoirs. An improved understanding of the physical processes governing induced seismicity is. Transcending the classical approaches to moment tensor inversion in laboratory (Scruby et al., 1985) and geophysical (Jost and Herrmann, 1989) environments that rely on prior knowledge of the source location and possibly other simplifying assumptions (e.g. far field hypothesis), recent attempts at seismic source characterization are increasingly based on the full waveform analysis of multi-axial seismic observations (Cesca and Grigoli, 2015) The pattern of energy radiated during an earthquake with a single direction of motion on a single fault plane may be modeled as a double couple which is described mathematically as a special case of a second order tensor (similar to those for stress and strain) known as the moment tensor. Our moment tensor inversion technique uses a combination of several seismic wave types, time windows and frequency bands carefully chosen based on event magnitude and station distance. Wave types include.

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  1. There are benefits from the addition of rotational motions to translational displacements for moment tensor (MT) inversions. The rotational radiation pattern is orthogonal to the shear radiation pattern, thus incorporating rotations is equivalent to gaining another observation point on the focal sphere. We demonstrated this by simulating curl and displacement wavefields for a regional distance station. Thus, one 6-C station (3-Component translational + 3-Component rotational) gathers the.
  2. The inversion code is capable of using the impedance tensor, the vertical magnetic transfer function (VMTF), and the phase tensor as observational data, and it estimates the subsurface resistivity.
  3. In this section we present some main results for the tensor inverse. The first one is for the order k left inverse. Theorem 3.1. Let A ∈ C [m, n]. Then A has an order 2 left inverse if and only if A has an order k left inverse, where k ≥ 2. Proof (⇒) If A has an order 2 left inverse, by Lemma 2.6, there exists a nonsingular matrix P such.
  4. tensor inversion for a moderate-size earthquake with a well-studied source mechanism using a regional seismic network. In that research, the uncertainties of both the seismic location and the moment tensor have been studied by implementing an outer Markov chain to sample the location parameters, and an inner chain to sample the moment tensor parameters. In this study, we introduce a waveform.
  5. Synthetic inversion results for the 2001 Hollywood event. First and second row: six-parameter inversion (moment tensor). Third row: seven-parameter inversion (moment tensor plus depth). Evolution of scalar moment and source mechanism (first column), depth (second column), misfit value (third column) and magnitude of the gradient (fourth column.
  6. tensor inversion. You will use data from data archives, apply quality control and basic seismology to define the moment tensor . 3 Moment Tensor This is a mathematic description of the seismic source. Using these parameters with an Earth model and wave propagation code, synthetic seismograms are made that fit the observations. For some models of the source, the moment tensor can define the.
  7. imization: l1mtinv; Full moment-tensor Least-squares: mijinv; Double-Couple Grid Search srcgrd; The links at the bottom of this page (and subsequent pages) can be used to steer through this site. Send me a note if you find these pages useful or if you find errors. I can't invest much energy in this site, but.

Tensoren sind Grössen, mit deren Hilfe man Skalare, Vektoren und weitere Grössen analoger Struktur in ein einheitliches Schema zur Beschreibung mathematischer und physikalischer Zusammenhänge einordnen kann. Sie sind definiert durch ihre Transformationseigenschaften gegenüber orthogonalen Transformationen wie z.B. Drehungen. Es geht darum, was ändert sich, was ändert sich nicht, wenn man. Fakultät 8 · Mathematik und Physik. Uni versität Stuttgart . de / e 1 The index notation Before we start with the main topic of this booklet, tensors, we will first introduce a new notation for vectors and matrices, and their algebraic manipulations: the inde Moment-Tensor Inversion from Single-Well Data. As shown in Table 1, only five out of six elements of the moment tensor could be resolved when only single-well data (both P- and S-wave) is available. Constraint needs to be added in the inverse problem to stabilize it. The constraint adopted here is the zerotrace constraint (or zero percent of volumetric component), which is essentially a.

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torch.pinverse (input, rcond=1e-15) → Tensor¶ Calculates the pseudo-inverse (also known as the Moore-Penrose inverse) of a 2D tensor. Please look at Moore-Penrose inverse for more details. Note. torch.pinverse() is deprecated. Please use torch.linalg.pinv() instead which includes new parameters hermitian and out. Note. This method is implemented using the Singular Value Decomposition. Note. Moment tensor inversion has been utilized for decades as a means of understanding the faulting process during earthquakes [Stump and Johnson, 1977; Julian, 1986; Dreger and Woods, 2002] and other seismic events like explosions or collapses [Ford et al., 2008]. Computed routinely for moderate and large earthquakes by assuming that they can be represented by a point source for long wavelengths. tensor inversion, which can provide the magnitudes, modes and orientations of fractures. An overview of the methodology is presented including problems and limitations. Introduction Microseismic monitoring is extremely valuable for tracking the performance of hydraulic fracturing treatments within reservoirs. An improved understanding of the physical processes governing induced seismicity is. Then you can use existing codes for inverting matrices and transform back. Since a 4th order tensor corresponds to a block matrix, it seems like this approach may work. Can you give more detail regarding the tensor-tensor product you are using to define the inverse. $\endgroup$ - K. Miller Jan 24 '16 at 15:1 tensor inversion The complete moment tensor of a microseismic event is charac-terized by the six independent elements of the 3 by 3 symmetric moment tensor matrix m jk. To improve the complete moment tensor inversion with a single borehole, we use all phases that are embedded in the full-waveform data. Our approach starts from fast

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  1. High quality example sentences with moment tensor inversion in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in Englis
  2. The inverse of a tensor may be computed by calculating the inverse of the matrix of its components. Formally, the inverse of a second order tensor can be written in a simple form using index notation a
  3. & M max: Absolute values of the eigenvalues of deviatoric moment M* ε: measure of the size of CLVD relative to DC component. For a pure CLVD.
  4. • Inverse of a tensor • Orthogonal tensors • Rotation Tensors • Change of Basis Tensors • Symmetric and Skew-symmetric tensors • Axial vectors • Spherical and Deviatoric tensors • Positive Definite tensors . 1.10.1 The Identity Tensor . The linear transformation which transforms every tensor into itself is called the identit
  5. Frequency sensitive moment tensor inversion for light to moderate magnitude earthquakes in eastern Africa and derivation of the regional stress field. Frequenzabhängige Momententensorinversion für schwache bis mittelstarke Erdbeben im östlichen Afrika und Ableitung des regionalen Spannungsfelde

Tensor inversion and its application to the tensor

3D Inversion of SQUID Magnetic Tensor Data Michael S. Zhdanov1,2, Hongzhu Cai1 and Glenn A. Wilson2* 1Consortium for Electromagnetic Modeling and Inversion, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84112, USA 2TechnoImaging, 4001 South, 700 East, Suite 500, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84107, USA Abstract Developments in SQUID-based technology have enabled direct measurement of magnetic tensor data. [seisan] moment tensor inversion. Oussama Arab Wed, 09 Jan 2019 06:29:46 -0800. hello everyone, I have tried to compute the moment tensor in Seisan by the moment tensor inversion, I first make the parameter file ( filtering , rotat , ground ), and then I compute the green function by typing MTG. till now I have no issue but when I want to do the inversion part of the moment tensor by.

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MTfit is a Python module for Bayesian moment tensor source inversion of earthquake seismic data using polarities, amplitudes, or amplitude ratios. It can solve for double‐couple or full moment tensor solutions, taking into account uncertainties in polarities, takeoff angles of the rays from the source to the receiver, and amplitudes. It provides an easily accessible and extendable approach. TENSOR INVERSION TECHNIQUE F. FINCK, C. U. GROSSE and H.-W. REINHARDT Institute of Construction Materials, University of Stuttgart, Pfaffenwaldring 4 70550 Stuttgart, Germany Abstract The development and progress of fractures is accompanied by the radiation of acoustic waves due to microcracking. In the transient waveforms of acoustic emissions a huge number of infor- mation about fracture. MOMENT TENSOR INVERSION Moment tensor and P- and S-waves displacement Before discussing the inversion of moment tensors for microseismic events, we briefly review the fundamental connection between the source moment tensor and the far-field ground displacement. According to Aki and Richards (1980), the far-field displacement for P- and S-waves traveling in a homogenous elastic space can be. Zero-order tensors, like mass, are called scalars, while 1st order tensors are called vectors. Examples of higher order tensors include stress, strain, and stiffness tensors. The order, or rank, of a matrix or tensor is the number of subscripts it contains. A vector is a 1st rank tensor. A 3x3 stress tensor is 2nd rank

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MOMENT TENSOR INVERSION Moment tensor and P-and S-waves displacementBefore discussing the inversion of moment tensors for microseismic events, we briefly review the fundamental connection between the source moment tensor and the far-field ground displacement. According to Aki and Richards (1980), the far-field displacement for P-and S-waves traveling in a homogenous elastic space can be. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list! Moment-Tensors. Frohlich, C., and K. D. Apperson, Earthquake focal mechanisms, moment tensors, and the consistency of seismic activity near plate boundaries, Tectonics, 11, 279-296, 1992

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Based on the three component accelerograms, recorded at near-field distance by a temporary seismic network consisting of digital cassette tape recording accelerographs, the focal mechanisms of three aftershocks of the April 18, 1985, Luquan, Yunnan Province, China, earthquake ofM S=6.1, are calculated using seismic moment tensor inversion technique Seismic moment tensors are able to describe whether the failure is shearing or tearing (i.e. mode II or mode III failure), if a change in volume has occurred (i.e. opening or closing fractures) or some combination of these scenarios. Seismic moment tensors (SMTs) are represented by beachballs. The pattern on the symbol indicates the type of failure which occurred and the colour. The result of moment tensor inversion for the 2016 southeast offshore Mie earthquake revealed low-angle thrust faulting with a moment magnitude of 5.6. According to geophysical surveys in the Nankai Trough, our results suggest that the rupture of this earthquake occurred on the interface of the Philippine Sea plate, rather than on a mega-splay. Moment-tensor inversion of induced microseismic events can provide valuable information for tracking CO 2 plumes at geological carbon storage sites, and study the physical mechanism of induced microseismicity. Accurate moment-tensor inversion requires a wide-azimuthal coverage of geophones. Cost-effective microseismic monitoring for geological carbon storage often uses only one geophone array.

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We also address multilinear systems which do not fit the framework in the least-squares sense, that is, when the tensor has an odd number of modes or when the tensor has distinct dimensions in each modes. With the notion of tensor inversion, multilinear systems are solvable. Numerically we solve multilinear systems using iterative techniques, namely biconjugate gradient and Jacobi methods in. Magnetic gradient tensor inversion using Euler deconvolution P.W. Schmidt CSIRO Industrial Physics, Australia (phil.schmidt@csiro.au) Magnetic gradient tensor surveys would offers many advantages over conventional magnetic surveys. They have the benefits of vector surveys without the disadvantage of extreme sensitivity to orientation. Tensor elements are true potential fields, with de. tensor inversion Correspondence to: S. Matsumoto, matumoto@sevo.kyushu-u.ac.jp Citation: Matsumoto, S. (2016), Method for estimating the stress field from seismic moment tensor data based on the flow rule in plasticity theory, Geophys. Res. Lett., 43, 8928-8935, doi:10.1002/ 2016GL070129. Received 22 JUN 2016 Accepted 9 AUG 2016 Accepted article online 11 AUG 2016 Published online 2 SEP.

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In this paper, we propose an inverse method for full gravity gradient tensor data in the spherical coordinate system. As opposed to the traditional gravity inversion in the Cartesian coordinate system, our proposed method takes the curvature of the Earth, the Moon, or other planets into account, using tesseroid bodies to produce gravity gradient effects in forward modeling Although moment tensor inversion is done on a routine basis in global seismology (Tsuruoka et al., 2009), this is not as common in most microseismic applications, e.g., hydraulic fracturing. Also, this is more challenging because microseismic data often have low S/N waveforms and are acquired using limited aperture geometries (Eaton and Forouhideh, 2011). According to Shearer (2009), a seismic. Based on tensor geometric invariants, this study found a novel dipole inversion method, in which localization and classification processes are independent. The proposed method exhibits many advantages including insensitivity to changes in the measurement system attitude and favorable real-time performance. All these advantages were validated via simulations in this study. According to the. Moment tensors are inverted using a multi-step inversion approach. This method, which was successfully applied in previous studies at regional and teleseismic distances, is further developed here to account for full moment tensor analysis. We first find a best DC solution and then perform a full moment tensor inversion, fitting full waveforms amplitude spectra at regional distances. The moment. This paper reviews stress tensor inversion techniques using seismological data. The techniques were originally applied to a dataset of slip orientations taken from focal mechanisms. Subsequently, other techniques, which use P wave first-motion polarities or centroid moment tensor (CMT) solutions, were developed. This paper clarifies the principles and basic hypotheses, on which each technique.

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  1. In this work, we propose a full-waveform technique for the spatial reconstruction and characterization of (micro-) seismic events via joint source location and moment tensor inversion. The approach is formulated in the frequency domain, and it allows for the simultaneous inversion of multiple point-like events. In the core of the proposed methodology is a grid search for the source locations.
  2. or influence on the moment tensor inversion results
  3. imization of misfit between observed and synthetic waveforms, while position and time of subevents is optimized through grid search. ISOLA-GUI, is a Graphical User Interface developed in Matlab with purpose to combine processing speed of the ISOLA Fortran code with user-friendly Matlab environment. Significant features of ISOLA-GUI are.
  4. The organization of the course first emphasizes the use of the programs to perform moment tensor inversion. The participants will work with regional and teleseismic data sets, and in the process acquire a sense of the procedure. Following this initial experience, a detailed discussion of the process will be provided for further understanding. 3/38. Software Distribution Dr. Herrmann will.
  5. The frame is defined by two tensors: the inverse frame field (ifri, the dual basis tetrad), and the frame metric ifg. The frame metric is the identity matrix for orthonormal frames, or the Lorentz metric for orthonormal frames in Minkowski spacetime. The inverse frame field defines the frame base (unit vectors). Contraction properties are defined for the frame field and the frame metric. When.
  6. Deep learning offers a number of benefits for automated and real-time microseismic event location and moment tensor inversion, including least preprocessing, continuous improvement in performance as more training data is obtained, as well as low computational cost. Keywords: reservoir characterization, deep learning, artificial intelligence, upstream oil & gas, machine learning, neural network.
  7. Modeling and inversion of airborne full tensor magnetic gradiometry data in the Thuringian basin and forest. GND 1095255525. Queitsch, Matthias. The recent development of airborne full tensor magnetic gradiometer (FTMG) systems, based on superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUID), allows to obtain the full magnetic gradient tensor of the Earth's magnetic field of large areas (10x10.
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Übersetzung für 'tensor inverse' im kostenlosen Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch und viele weitere Deutsch-Übersetzungen ¥ inverse of second order tensor ¥ right / left cauchy green and green lagrange strain tensor example #1 - matlab 26 fourth order tensors - scalar products ¥ symmetric fourth order unit tensor ¥ screw-symmetric fourth order unit tensor ¥ volumetric fourth order unit tensor ¥ deviatoric fourth order unit tensor example #1 - matlab 27 neo hookeÔian elasticity ¥ 1st and 2nd piola. Der inverse Tensor Ein Tensor A heißt invertierbar, wenn es einen Tensor A −1 gibt, so dass x=A−1 Ax für alle Vektoren x gilt. Der Tensor A−1 heißt inverser Tensor. Für den inversen Tensor gilt also: A−1 A=I Der inverse Tensor A−1 existiert genau dann, wenn es zu jedem Vektor y genau einen Vektor x mit y=Ax gibt, d.h. wenn die durch den Tensor beschriebene lineare Abbil-dung. We introduce a method for probabilistic moment tensor estimation and demonstrate its use on the basis of a single event within the Groningen field, concentrating on detailed tests of input data and inversion parameters to derive rules of good practice for moment tensor estimation of events recorded in the Groningen field. In addition to the moment tensor, event locations are provided. Vector and Tensor Analyses 1.1. Vector and tensor algebras. Transformation of vectors and tensors Scalar (invariant) in three-dimensional space is a quantity that is invariant under rotations (inversion) of a coordinate system. Vector in three-dimensional space is a collection of three quanti

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Umkehrung, Inverse: Es sei A ∈ Lin und gelte y = Ax, für seine Inverse A−1 ∈ Lin gilt (wenn sie existiert) A−1y = x. Existiert A−1, dann heisst A invertierbar. Die Menge aller invertierbaren Tensoren nennen wir Inv = {A ∈ Lin : ∃A−1}. Für alle A,B ∈ Inv gilt ebenso A−1(Ax) = x A−1A = AA−1 = I (A −1) = A (AB) −1= B. Deflnition eines Tensors, Rechenregeln Tensoren sind Gr˜oen, mit deren Hilfe man Skalare, Vektoren sowie weit-ere Gr˜oen analoger Struktur in ein einheitliches Schema einordnen kann, um mathematische und physikalische Zusammenh˜ange zu beschreiben. Tensoren sind dabei durch ihre Transformationseigenschaften gegenub˜ er orthogonalenTransformationen(DrehungenundDrehspiegelungen. View Moment Tensor Inversion Research Papers on Academia.edu for free Tensor notation introduces one simple operational rule. It is to automatically sum any index appearing twice from 1 to 3. As such, \(a_i b_j\) is simply the product of two vector components, the i th component of the \({\bf a}\) vector with the j th component of the \({\bf b}\) vector. However, \(a_i b_i\) is a completely different animal because the subscript \(i\) appears twice in the term A tensor is a multidimensional array of elements represented by a. Install Learn Introduction New to TensorFlow? TensorFlow The core open source ML library For JavaScript TensorFlow.js for ML using JavaScript For Mobile & IoT TensorFlow Lite for mobile and embedded devices For Production TensorFlow Extended for end-to-end ML components API TensorFlow (v2.4.1) r1.15 Versions TensorFlow.js.

This tensor depends only on the elastic properties of the infinite medium. , and are the components of higher order Hill-type tensors that are introduced by a ijk and a ijkl. As for the classical Hill's tensor, they are built from the inverse of the elasticity tensor and from higher order Eshelby's tensors that can be found in Mura (1987) Author: Brinkman, Nienke et al.; Genre: Journal Article; Title: Single-station moment tensor inversion on Mar Chapter 6: Inversion of Potential Field Tensor Data 6.1 Introduction Interpreting geophysical data to recover the subsurface structure and material properties is rarely easy. Generally, there are many unknowns and only a small number of clues to determine the possible solutions. The ill-posed nature of these problems is that data are insufficient and inconsistent. The mathematical space. earthquake, after which inversion is carried out on the results using the moment tensor inversion technique. 2. Methodology . 2.1. Data Acquisition. The surface waves used in this study are extracted from a local earthquake of magnitude Ml = 3.04 which occurred on the 19 of March 2005 at 1149:18:31 (local time) of that the stress tensor obtained by the inversion of kinematic indicators is a function that models the distribution of slip on every fault plane. For this, there is one ideal stress tensor, but this one is only certainly active during fault initiation. After faults have been initiated, a large variety of stress tensors can induce fault-slipby reactivation. Stress and strain relations In fault.

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78 Tensoren auf einem Vektorraum wobeiGl.(A.2)benutztwurde.DieNotationistmeistensnützlichwennsieeindeutigist,d.h.wenn derTensorT symmetrischist. Relocation and Moment Tensor Inversion of Seismic Events in the Groningen Field; Relocation and Moment Tensor Inversion of Seismic Events in the Groningen Field. N. Boitz and S. A. Shapiro - 2017. Titel. Relocation and Moment Tensor Inversion of Seismic Events in the Groningen Field. Verfasser. N. Boitz and S. A. Shapiro. Datum . 2017. Quelle/n. 2017 - 13th Annual PHASE Report; Sprache. eng.

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Further theoretical development of moment tensor inversion within the Bayesian framework, with a rigorous treatment of data noise and uncertainty characterisation (appropriate for Honours and PhD students). Modelling of volcanic and other non-double-couple earthquakes (see examples in the links shown above). Nuclear non-proliferation seismology (see examples here and here). Highly motivated. A tensor is often thought of as a generalized matrix. That is, it could be a 1-D matrix (a vector is actually such a tensor), a 3-D matrix (something like a cube of numbers), even a 0-D matrix (a. Could you shed some light on calculating the inverse of a modulus tensor? Reply. Aug 27, 2019 #6 jambaugh. Science Advisor. Insights Author. Gold Member. 2,278 295. Note that by construction the strain tensor also has this index symmetry and so too the stress tensor. I suggest you conceptualize the pairs as a single multi-index: [tex] Y_{(ij)} = \sum_{(kl)} A_{(ij),(kl)} X_{(kl)}[/tex] One. Frequency sensitive moment tensor inversion for light to moderate magnitude earthquakes in eastern Afric Dreger, D. S., 2003, TDMT_INV: Time Domain Seismic Moment Tensor INVersion, International Handbook of Earthquake and Engineering Seismology, Volume 81B, p 1627. About Us. Contact Us. Seismo Blog. Earthquake Information. Real-time Earthquake Map; The Hayward Fault; Earthquake FAQ; Be Prepared; Follow Us @BerkeleySeismo (Twitter) @bslquakes (Twitter) @MyShakeApp (Twitter) Blog; About Us.

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Briefe an Goethe. [Nur] Band II. [Gesammelt, textkritisch durchgesehen und mit Anmerkungen versehen. Mit einem Register für die Bände I-II, bearbeitet von Hendrik te Veldhuis moment tensor inversion and compare the full-waveform approach with conventional methods using far-field P/S amplitudes. Next, we show an example of full waveform source inversion for a double-couple source with additive Gaussian noise. We demonstrate the waveform fitting results and compare the inverted source parameters to the exact values. The 1D velocity model derived from the field. Tensor Cores are exposed in CUDA 9.0 via a set of functions and types in the nvcuda::wmma namespace. These allow you to load or initialize values into the special format required by the tensor cores, perform matrix multiply-accumulate (MMA) steps, and store values back out to memory. During program execution multiple Tensor Cores are used concurrently by a full warp. This allows the warp to.

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Tensors such as this, which exhibit tensor behaviour under translations, rotations, and special Lorentz transformations, but are not invariant under parity inversions (in the sense that they correspond to different geometric objects before and after the transformation), are called pseudo-tensors, or sometimes axial tensors Appendix A - Example of the Moment Tensor Inversion of the May 8, 2007 Alder Montana event . On May 8, 2007 a Mw4.4 event occurred near Alder Montana. This event was well recorded by 149 stations operated by several organizations (Figure A1). We used the data in the same way described above to determine the moment tensor of this event. The results shown in Figure A2 indicate the event is. MIT 18.06 Linear Algebra, Spring 2005Instructor: Gilbert StrangView the complete course: http://ocw.mit.edu/18-06S05YouTube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com.. Abstract. The link points to a website at NCEDC to download the full moment tensors inversion software The moment tensor analysis conducted in the current project is based on the full moment tensor model described in Minson and Dreger (2008)

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The process of calculating the moment tensor is called moment tensor inversion. Data from seismometers is used to calculate the elements of the moment tensor. Not all moment tensor inversion problems are able to be solved with the same degree of accuracy. Inversion problems ask the question Knowing some information about a system, how can I use this information to do some calculations that. Keywords: Tensor modeling, tensor decomposition, inverse dynamics, robot dynamics, supervised machine learning 1. INTRODUCTION Within model-based robot control, an inverse dynamics model is used to compute the necessary joint torques of the robot's motors for the execution of a desired movement. The feedforward control command can be calculated using the rigid-body formulation u FF = M(q) q+. Closed-form expressions of the inverse of this tensor can be derived in the case of isotropic materials. This will later come in handy to derive closed-form expressions of the periodic Green operator for strains. We consider a linearly elastic material with stiffness $\tens C$. For any wave-vector $\vec k$, the elastic acoustic tensor $\tens A(\vec k)$ is defined as follows $$\tens A(\vec k.

Moment tensor inversion (MTI), an advanced seismic processing technique, describes the inelastic deformation, or cracking, of the source region that generates the microseismic signal. After radiation patterns are attained using downhole or surface arrays, MTI processing analyzes the radiation pattern of seismic amplitudes to determine the fracture plane and sense of slip—distinguishing shear. Synthetic tests with 1-D and 3-D waveform calculations show that the source tensor inversion procedure is reasonably reliable and robust. As initial application, the method is used to investigate source properties of the March 11, 2013, Mw=4.7 earthquake on the San Jacinto fault using recordings of ~45 stations up to ~0.2Hz. Both the best fitting and most probable solutions include ISO. Compute and return the inverse of the given tensor. Since the compiler can perform the return value optimization, and since the size of the return object is known, it is acceptable to return the result by value, rather than by reference as a parameter. Author Wolfgang Bangerth, 2000 . Definition at line 2505 of file tensor.h. transpose() template<int dim, typename Number > constexpr Tensor< 2. The moment tensor inversion indicates for the two first earthquakes the activation of a thrust-faulting type, while for the third event the inversion indicates a strike-slip type faulting. Following we present the result of the inversion for the first event. For this purpose, the data of 6 stations from Hellenic Unified Seismological Network (HUSN) at epicentral distances less than 360 km. Bayesian Inversion and Adaptive Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition AGUQ Dortmund 12.3 - 14.3 2018 Martin Eigel Manuel Marschall Research Group 4 Nonlinear Optimization and Inverse Problems Head: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Hömberg 4 We present a Bayesian inversion method with functional representations of all quantities. The posterior density is given in terms of a polynomial basis, based on an adaptive. SOURCE TYPE PLOT FOR INVERSION OF MOMENT TENSOR correspond only to the sizes of three orthogonal dipoles which constitute the source models, and these certainly do not relate to separate physical processes. Instead we choose two parameters T and k, which characterize the type of constant-volume (shear) component in the source, and the proportion of volume change component, respec- tively. The.

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  • Allstromsensitiver FI Frequenzumrichter.
  • Best Western Plus Hotel Hamburg.